Corbyn’s disastrous elevation

Jeremy Corbyn

Credit: Stop the War Coalition

In a globalised world, Britain’s disasters will rebound on everyone, and make no mistake about it: Corbyn’s elevation to Labour leadership is disastrous.

To Marx the spectre haunting Europe was that of communism, but he was only partly right. Communism is only a facet of a larger entity: evil.

At the heart of all evil regimes, regardless of what they call themselves, lies the desire to destroy everything good in Western tradition and push everything rotten to its extreme. Hence they’re less different than they’re the same.

If you question such a lack of taxonomic discrimination, consider those around the world who hail Jeremy Corbyn’s ascent.

Putin’s propaganda praises Corbyn for his hostility to Nato, affection for Russia and opposition to the West’s sanctions over the rape of the Ukraine.

Jerry Adams, the IRA murderer-in-chief, describes Corbyn as “a friend of Ireland and the Irish peace process”. This means a friend of the IRA murderers to whom Blair’s government surrendered.

The French Trotskyist newspaper Libération is ecstatic: Corbyn’s election is “a turning point”. France is spinning on a similar turning point, with Hollande turning the most productive Frenchmen away.

Argentine president Kirchner praises Corbyn for his support of Argentina in her struggle for “human rights”, “equality” and “political sovereignty”. In other words, Corbyn wants Argentina to annex the Falklands, which in a sane Britain would be regarded as treasonous.

Hamas extols Corbyn for voicing “solidarity with the Palestinian cause”, i.e. the extermination of Israel and everyone in it.

Greece’s ruling party Syriza is happy that Corbyn’s election “sends messages of hope to the people of Europe” – the same messages, presumably, as those sent by Syriza itself.

For Spain’s Podemos Corbyn represents “a step forward towards a change in Europe for the benefit of the people.” Specifically of the people who’re still grieving that it wasn’t Stalin who won the Spanish Civil War.

Different parties, different nations – but they all share the same loathing for Britain. This isn’t a xenophobic ethnic distaste; it’s the hatred of everything Britain represents in their eyes.

They detect the same animus in Corbyn, thereby displaying greater perspicacity than some of our pundits, including the supposedly conservative ones.

For example, Peter Hitchens, like all apostates, must be feeling latent guilt towards his erstwhile Trotskyist comrades. Thus he praises Corbyn who “obviously believes what he says”. (Neither Lenin nor Hitler was particularly duplicitous either.)

“Ken Livingston is right to call Mr Corbyn Labour’s Nigel Farage,” continues Hitchens. “Ukip appeals to the same impulse.” With one minor difference: Ukip wants to preserve Britain; Corbyn yearns to destroy it.

Before you decide that Hitchens is completely, rather than partially, off his rocker, what he means is that people are dissatisfied with mainstream politicians. That’s true, and they have every reason to be.

Similarly, Germans had every reason to be dissatisfied with the Weimar Republic. Yet not all of them became Nazis or Communists. Those who were neither fools nor knaves remained conservative, aghast at both the red and brown extremes.

Hitchens allows that he dislikes “many of Mr Corbyn’s policies – his belief in egalitarianism and high taxation, his enthusiasm for comprehensive schools, his readiness to talk to terrorists and his support for the EU.”

It follows contextually that he doesn’t dislike those of Corbyn’s policies he left unmentioned: wholesale nationalisation, abandoning our nuclear deterrent, encouraging unlimited immigration, imposing an arms embargo on Israel, getting rid of the monarchy, uniting Ireland, leaving Nato.

Even if this inference isn’t wholly correct, and Hitchens dislikes some of those policies as well, he redeems Corbyn “for the honest way he states them.”

Hitler was equally honest when he stated his intent to murder all Jews, and there’s something sinister about Corbyn’s announcement that, given the chance, he’ll introduce a Ministry for Jews.

New government bodies are required when new problems arise that can’t be handled by existing institutions. There are no such problems with British Jews, who neither are nor perceive themselves to be anything less than an integral part of our nation.

The problem exists only in the minds of virulent anti-Semites, such as Corbyn, who lists Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists among his friends.

The Ministry he proposes will serve the same purpose as similar organisations served in Nazi Germany: isolating and marginalising Jews. The Nazis graduated to genocide, but I doubt Corbyn will go so far. He’ll just encourage evil-doers in the Middle East to do the job for him.

Corbyn, with honesty so appealing to Hitchens, unites in his personality the red and brown ends of political evil. And, contrary to what one reads in the papers, he’s not a throwback to the past.

Evil, either brown or red, is on the march everywhere in Europe, from Italy to Hungary, from France to Germany, from Russia to Spain, from Greece to – evidently – Britain.

Hence Corbyn is merely a symptom of a pandemic threatening the world. One fears it may be like tuberculosis: when symptoms appear, it’s too late to do anything about the disease.

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