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Earlier this year, the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ was not a very well-known term… It recently made its way into an item on BBC Breakfast television – this shows we’ve probably started to reach critical mass. It’s a pleasure now to introduce the man who made the fourth industrial revolution a household phrase: Professor Klaus Schwab’.

Matt Hancock MP, speech to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industrie 4.0), October 2017

‘The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world’

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman,
World Economic Forum, on The Great Reset and Build Back Better

The Sun’s exposé last week of lascivious goings-on in the corridors of HM Government necessitated Matt Hancock’s resignation as Health Secretary. His extra-marital affair with his aide (and former lobbyist) Gina Coladangelo during an artificially-protracted pandemic made his position untenable, especially having imposed all kinds of totalitarian rules to lockdown the nation. Some of Hancock’s puritanical and draconian ideas have not only denied young people the chance to find the love of their life, but have caused innumerable people at the end of life – some suffering dementia – to die alone, unable to see, let alone hug, their loved ones. And yet Hancock’s resignation speech conveyed no hint of contrition. He said that from the back bench he will do ‘Build Back Better’ with ‘all my heart’. Build Back Better is, of course, one of the manifesto slogans for Industrie 4.0, for which Hancock has been a key British lobbyist, and which I wrote about in my previous piece.  Indeed, I have kept the same top and tail as my previous piece, because events that have since unfolded have reinforced my points.

For those of us who used to attend the Church of England regularly before it was taken over by Justin Welby the Woke, and before all the historical sexual abuses of children were exposed last year, we often uttered ‘all my heart’

‘All my heart [and mind and soul]’ is a very familiar expression for Christians, and reserved only for God. Indeed, this Judeo-Christian commandment is the bedrock of Western civilisation. The theological principle goes that loving God above all else results in knowing oneself, and one’s neighbour, as potentially the unfathomable image of God. Children in particular have this potential, whereas there are some toxic adults for whom, according to the teachings of Jesus, it would be ‘better had they not been born’, or (for child abusers), ‘thrown in the sea with a millstone around the neck’.

The only nations that thrive are those that truly and generally accept that this unfathomable sanctity exists at the depth of every human being, not least children. Nations that drop or pervert this philosophy inevitably always fail, but not before about three or four generations of curse according to the Ten Commandments.

Three or four generations is about the time it took for the all European anti-philosophies – Anarchism, Dadaism, Fascism, National Socialism, Socialism and Communism… to fizzle out, after causing decades of enormity, and duping many Christians, but thankfully not, generally, in Britain.

Matt Hancock evidently does not get it. Is there any part of the Decalogue that he has not infringed since he was elevated to a position of extraordinary power 18 months ago? He is surely a political case-study of ‘does not do god’. No surprise, then, that his parting shot is that he is giving ‘all my heart’ to the godless technocrats of Industrie 4.0

There is a poetic lesson here for the Church of England too, if not the whole of Her Majesty’s Establishment. Hancock’s mistress is a lobbyist who until 2017 was a director of Luther Pendragon, the same PR/lobbying firm employed by the Church of England to fend off media enquires about child abuse in the church, and the decades of covering up to protect the clergy and the reputation of the church over the interests of the abused. Furthermore, as I wrote recently on my blog, Archbishop Justin Welby himself has been convinced by the lobbyists of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, which includes what the UK Government calls ‘Human Augmentation’

So-called human augmentation, in a paper published by the UK Government in May 2021, is to be effected through such things as gene editing, and vaccines, and drugs to enhance brain power, or – wait for it – ‘neuropsychopharmacology’. There is no instance of the little words ‘love’ and ‘God’ in HM’s Government’s human-augmentation 110-page paper. Matt Hancock is far from the only hopeless Tory who seems to fail to understand what human being is, and our divine potential as individuals and nations. Margaret Thatcher, the most overtly Christian PM since Gladstone, will, I imagine, be appalled at Boris Johnson and his Cabinet. What morality is it they are conserving?

Do not be duped by the lobbyists of ‘Build Back Better’, or Industrie 4.0, or ‘Human Augmentation’. What they all propose is a kind of human being that has forgotten our imago dei. What they are proposing to build is inevitably worse, not better. They are proposing man made in the image of man: man made in the image of Matt Hancock and Klaus Schwab, God forbid.

Matt Hancock and the incumbent Tory Cabinet do not have a clue what is better for Britain, or the destiny of the great diversity of nations. They think they do, but they are ‘dangerous and a menace’, as my own GP (by choice) here in Manchester said specifically about Matt Hancock.

At the centre of the Houses of Parliament, between the Lords and the Commons, is the Central Lobby. The word ‘lobbyist’ and the verb ‘to lobby’ derive from this place. Inscribed into the floor of the Central Lobby is a large star-shaped mosaic, with Latin words from Psalm 127:

‘Unless the Lord builds the House its builders labour in vain’.

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